Big Bash Boom Review

December 3, 2018
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Bobble-headed players, flaming pitches and bowlers throwing actual pies: Big Bash Boom is certainly cricket like you’ve never seen it before. Yet although this NBA Jam-inspired take on Australia’s favourite summer sport is a personality-packed blast to play, its anaemic feature set and premium price makes it a weaker value proposition alongside developer Big Ant’s more robust release, Ashes Cricket.

Featuring the fully licenced teams, squads and stadia from the 2018/19 BBL and WBBL competitions, Big Bash Boom is a turbocharged take on Twenty20 cricket that strips the minutiae out of the sport to make it as fast-paced as possible. LBW appeals and fielding are automated, while varying pitch and weather conditions are done away with entirely, and although some of the sports’ subtleties remain – you still need to know the difference between bowling an off cutter and an outswinger, for example – it’s otherwise cricket as a Cornetto; no boring bits.

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