Make a killing with Hitman 2 for under £20

December 12, 2018
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Update: Argos removed the discount on Hitman 2 specifically on Xbox One, putting it back to full price this afternoon. The next cheapest offering on Xbox One is £34.99 over at Amazon.

Original story: The latest instalment of the legendary Hitman series has been reduced down to £19.99 on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 at Argos. The next cheapest price is £34.99, and elsewhere it retails for over £45. If you’ve been waiting to play this for a while, or you’re hoping to spend Christmas embroiled in murderous glee – now is definitely the time to buy.

Taking you from Miami to Mumbai, Hitman 2 comprises half a dozen deadly missions, each one a unique diorama that can be manipulated in a vast range of ingenious ways. Although this sounds like a sparse prospect compared to the standard hundreds of hours promised from big-budget releases, the levels are densely packed, with manifold means of completion, and high stakes that can lead to grisly consequences for you and anyone else in the vicinity. Particularly humiliating and/or bizarre assassinations this time round include weaponising a fish, exploding rubber duckies and poison coffee.

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