YOGO: You only game once

December 15, 2018
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I recently finished Detroit: Become Human, a game that not only challenges my knuckle-draggingly slow death-by-procrastination choice process, but also raised some rather disturbing revelations as to how potentially sociopathic I might just be. I mean I felt good (sort of) about my decisions. I wanted the best possible result out of the game – you know, the least amount of people killed and a lovely swoopy end cut-scene that I can feel smug over whilst eating the last of the biscuits.

Just to clarify, if you haven’t played the game: at the end of each chapter it provides you with a rather fun infographic on which you can survey all of your in-game choices. It’s pretty cool, showing you where the path splits and potential outcomes were missed.

What was slightly worrying was the other player stats. Whilst I clearly thought that *insert a spoilery decision* would help my progression, I realised that only one per cent of other people playing the game had made that choice.

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