Fallout 76 players say the Atom shop prices are getting out of hand

December 17, 2018
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£16 for a Christmas bundle of virtual items! £14 for a giant camp sign! A tenner for some Christmas emotes! There’s new gubbins on sale at Fallout 76’s Atom shop – and players reckon they’re getting ripped off.

Visit the Atom shop in Fallout 76 right now and you’ll see a few limited-time items for sale. The bundle “Comin’ to town” is discounted from 3000 Atoms to 2000 Atoms. This bundle includes Mr and Mrs. Claus outfits, a stuffed radstag camp decoration and Mr and Mrs. Claus player icons. Based on the fact you can’t just buy this bundle with real-world money directly (you have to buy Atoms in set denominations), it’ll set you back around £16. That’s down from 3000 Atoms remember, which means Bethesda values “Comin’ to town” at just over £20.

Moving on to the Red Rocket Mega Sign, which costs 1400 Atoms – this giant, light-up camp sign will set you back £14, although you’ll have a couple of hundred Atoms change.

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