Someone is using My PS4 Life videos to work out player counts for loads of games

December 17, 2018
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If you’ve been anywhere near social media over the last few days, you’re likely to have seen PlayStation users freaking out over the obscene number of hours they’ve ploughed into Destiny (or is that just my colleagues?). The reason for this is Sony has allowed players to create personalised videos showing gaming highlights from the past five years – like the Facebook ones your Mum tags you in, minus the embarrassing photos.

Beyond causing multiple life crises, the videos appear to be giving players more information than warranted, as one Reddit user seems to have used the trophy stats to calculate how many people have played each game on PlayStation.

A user by the name of gamstat, who also runs a statistics site of the same name, claims to have calculated the figures from information on the trophies provided in the My PS4 Life videos. The personalised clips tell players the name of the rarest trophy they’ve earned, along with how many other players have attained this achievement. By combining these figures with percentages for the trophies provided on the PlayStation website, gamstat has been able to work out how many people have at least started playing the games. At the time of writing, he’s managed to do this for 98 titles.

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