People are already doing show-stopping combos with Street Fighter 5’s new character

December 19, 2018
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Street Fighter 5 got a surprise new character earlier this week – and combo masters are already doing incredible things with him.

Kage, a twist on the Evil Ryu character from previous Street Fighter games, is a flashy, high-damage, combo-heavy character who has some unique abilities that make for particularly cool-looking strings.

Street Fighter combo master Desk has already put together a couple of awesome Kage combo videos – and they do not disappoint. In the videos below we see combos that involve air dashes (Kage’s V-Trigger 2 gives him a ground teleport that, in the air, is an air dash) to extend juggle combos beyond what we’re used to seeing in Street Fighter 5. There are also cool-looking combos that involve teleporting this way and that while Kage’s opponent is in the air. And I like all the wall bounce combos!


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