FIFA 19 streamers buying thousands of pounds worth of FUT Team of the Year packs reminds us the odds are very much against us

January 8, 2019
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FIFA 19 was, briefly, the most popular game on Twitch yesterday evening. Why? Because of Team of the Year.

The Team of the Year promotion adds the ultimate versions of the best 11 players of 2018, as decided by EA. Last night, the first part of the promotion kicked off. For 24 hours TOTY attackers are in packs. This means there’s a chance – a chance! – to pack a 99-rated Ronaldo, a 99-rated Messi and a 97 Mbappe.

These are the best cards you can get for FUT, and so, players really, really want them. And there’s only a limited time in which to get them (as EA would have us believe for now, anyway). There are even “lightning rounds” when special, more expensive packs with better odds are made available for just an hour. The hunt very much is on.


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