Dark Devotion is a brooding, action-heavy rogue-like side-scroller due “early” this year

January 9, 2019
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Developer Hibernian Workshop has announced that Dark Devotion, its intriguing (and gloomily attractive) side-scrolling action-RPG, will be making its way to PC, PlayStation 4, and Switch “early” this year.

Dark Devotion first came to light back in 2017, when it successfully raised 31,796 Euros (around £28,690) on Kickstarter. It casts players as a Templar, sent to explore the depths of a mysterious, “unforgiving” temple in search of answers “that will challenge your very existence.”

In some respects – it’s a moody, Dark-Souls-esque rogue-like, with a tight pixel art aesthetic – it’s all awfully familiar. However, Dark Devotion has a few tricks up its sleeve that will hopefully set it apart from its peers. For starters, its four large worlds are entirely hand-crafted (no procedural generation here), and there’s a strong emphasis on story and meaty, stamina-based combat – featuring various weapons, armour, and relics – with a particular focus on diverse boss fights.

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