Fallout 76 players are nabbing unreleased items from a secret “developer room”

January 11, 2019
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Bethesda seems to have something of a war on its hands over Fallout 76’s most powerful items. After several weeks of problems with players creating copies of items through duplication glitches, some have now figured out how to access a secret “developer room” in Fallout 76.

This developer room contains plans for every item in the game, including legendary weapons and unreleased goodies which are supposed to arrive in upcoming updates. Oh, and there’s an NPC in there sat all by itself. That’s got to be the holy grail for game glitchers.

Reports of this room’s existence began to surface on Reddit about four days ago, but some of my sources have told me it has been known about on Discord servers for several weeks. A video showing the room is currently available on YouTube – although I doubt it will remain there long. Take a peep here:

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