Fortnite’s controversial glider redeploy mechanic is making a return

January 14, 2019
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Epic has announced that Fortnite’s controversial glider redeploy mechanic will be making a return with the advent of Battle Royale mode’s incoming 7.2.0 update – but major changes have been made since its last divisive appearance.

Glider redeploy, if you’re unfamiliar, refers to the ability to reuse a glider after its initial deployment beneath the Battle Bus at the start of a match. Initially, there were only a few occasions where it was possible to redeploy a glider – namely, when using certain items such as Rifts-to-Go – but Epic briefly tested the option to redeploy at will when airborne last November.

While many praised the game’s pacier, more fluid rhythm following the glider update (we’re in the pro camp here at Eurogamer), others were frustrated with the inevitable changes to the meta-game. The split response to glider redeploy ultimately lead Epic to remove the option from Battle Royale’s main mode, although it did remain available in others.

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