PlayStation 4 Pro with Spider-Man or Red Dead for £349

January 16, 2019
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You can get a PlayStation 4 Pro for around £349.99 at most stores currently – usually lacking a game. However, there are a few deals about right now that’ll nab you not only a brand new Pro but also Red Dead Redemption 2 or Spider-Man at the same price point. Lets take a look at the best PlayStation 4 Pro deals around.

Firstly, we have this console with a copy of intangibly vast wild west action-adventure Red Dead Redemption 2 for £349.99 at Amazon. As a console on its own costs £349.99, this effectively means you’re getting Red Dead – which you won’t find anywhere cheaper than around £40 – for free!

Meanwhile, over at Currys, the same price will net you a brand new PlayStation 4 Pro with a copy of the latest Spider-Man game. Although Spider-Man has seen prices as low as £25, this bundle still makes for a decent saving.

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