Game Freak’s debris-manipulating platformer Giga Wrecker is heading to consoles

January 17, 2019
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Pokémon developer Game Freak’s 2D puzzle platformer Giga Wrecker Alt. is heading to Switch, Xbox One, and PS4 “later this year”, publisher Rising Star Games has announced.

Giga Wrecker, which initially launched on PC in 2017, follows the adventures of Reika, an ARCHE-imbued girl (short for ARms Creating and Handling Effect, if you were wondering) with the power to turn debris into weapons and tools.

Gathered detritus can, for instance, be transformed into a giant blade used to topple bits of the environment, into giant platform-like blocks for reaching higher areas, into navigable spikes that can be jammed into walls, and more. By combining these skills, players can pummel evil robot armies and explore Giga Wrecker’s labyrinthine, strikingly designed world.

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