What’s the deal with Trials Rising’s microtransactions?

January 22, 2019
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Last year, it was revealed loot boxes will be coming to Trials Rising. It was surprising to see a series which prides itself on player skill yield to any kind of in-game monetisation, even if they are purely cosmetic, especially when the industry has appeared to turn tail on such practices.

So how do Trials Rising’s microtransactions work? At a recent press event, each time you levelled up in the campaign you are rewarded with a loot box – known as a ‘Gear Crate’ – giving you a random assortment of cosmetic items, including new outfits, bike liveries, stickers and racer poses.

If you don’t want what’s inside, you can spend in-game currency (earned from completing events across the game) to reroll the contents of the loot box, allowing you to try again. Additional Gear Crates can also be purchased with in-game currency.

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