Bleak 14th century “single-player co-op” adventure A Plague Tale is out in May

January 24, 2019
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Asobo Studio has revealed that A Plague Tale: Innocence, its intriguingly grim “single-player co-op” adventure, is coming to PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on May 14th.

A Plague’s Tale follows the tribulations of Amicia and her sickly 5-year-old brother Hugo, children of a nobleman, both forced to flee their castle home with the Inquisition in full pursuit. As they attempt to navigate a fog-shrouded, plague-ridden 14th century France, danger comes in the form of writhing, ravenous rat hordes, invading English soldiers, and the aforementioned Inquisition – with avoidance forming the basis for the game’s stealthy, dual-character puzzling.

But while the mood is bleak, Asobo hopes that the central relationship between the two siblings – apparently somewhat influenced by The Last of Us – will give the game its soul.

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