Dead or Alive 6 hasn’t toned down the sexualisation, it’s just tucked it away

January 25, 2019
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At E3 2018, the people behind Dead or Alive 6 declared the game had toned down the female sexualisation the series is infamous for.

Producer and game director Yohei Shimbori told Eurogamer at the event this was done for two reasons: the first relates to the “global trend” for sexualisation to be toned down, “so everyone can play without being embarrassed”. The second was to “avoid the silliness”, which is in keeping with the “intense fighting entertainment” goal.

Showing the game to press at this point, characters who in previous versions would wear skimpy costumes instead had more realistic fighting outfits. Take Kasumi, for example. Her default Dead or Alive 6 costume is designed with the “fighter” in mind.

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