Free-to-play monster hunter Dauntless is migrating all player accounts to Epic Store

January 31, 2019
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Developer Pheonix Labs has announced that it will be migrating all existing accounts for its free-to-play multiplayer monster-hunter Dauntless over to the Epic Games Store later this year, and that all players will require an Epic log-in in order to continue playing after the move.

According to Phoenix Labs’ FAQ on the matter, Dauntless’ account migration will begin “as soon as possible”, then, once the process is complete, the game’s current launcher will be retired. Those players that don’t currently have an Epic Games account will first need to opt-in to the migration process, at which point it seems their Dauntless accounts will be converted automatically. Those that do, however, will need to link their Dauntless and Epic accounts together manually closer to launch via the game’s official website.

As Phoenix Labs explains it, players’ current progress, friend lists, guilds, and platinum (Dauntless’ in-game currency) should all be carried over and integrated into Epic’s account infrastructure. However, those players that would rather avoid the Epic Games Store are out of luck. The developer writes that “Migrating your account is the only way to ensure that all your progress from Dauntless carries over after we launch on console and the Epic Games store.”


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