Fortnite adds chaotic bottle rockets and environmental campfires

February 5, 2019
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Is there something going on with about another battle royale game right now? Hmm – anyway, changes are still rumbling on in the world of Fortnite, and the latest additions should certainly shake up the meta. Until the next patch at least.

Update v7.30 brings some explosive additions in the form of bottle rockets: a thrown item which “launches a barrage of bottle rockets toward the targeted direction”. This thing coughs up a total of 45 rockets over nine seconds, and deals 10 player damage and 40 environmental damage per explosion. Sounds like it could be good for destroying buildings, not so good for stopping that incoming tryhard with a shotgun.

After racing through a barrage of rockets, you may want to rest by the fire to lick your wounds. Conveniently, Fortnite is also introducing environmental campfires in this patch. As opposed to the portable cosy campfire, environmental campfires can be found in fixed positions around the world of Fortnite. These heal the same amount but have a one-time use per match. Handy if you happen to be near one.

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