How one gamer relearnt how to play after a shooting left him blind

February 22, 2019
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“I wasn’t born blind,” Ross explains. Ross Minor is a 19-year-old from Colorado Springs, USA. “When I was eight-years-old, I was shot in my sleep by my father, who then shot and killed my brother, and then committed suicide. The bullet entered through my right temple and exited out my left, into my left palm. As a result, I lost my left eye, the optic nerve and retina of my right eye were severed, and I lost my sense of smell.”

As a child, Ross would play video games to help him feel normal, to help him fit in with others. After his family tragedy, that was no longer possible.

“I’ve been a gamer my entire life really,” Ross tells me. “Before I went blind, I would play games like Pokemon and Smash Bros. After I went blind, gaming was still a part of me. I wanted so badly to be able to play my favorite games again.”

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