Respawn “discussing” issues with Apex Legends’ “disproportionate hitboxes”

February 24, 2019
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Respawn is “discussing” the “disproportionate” hitbox sizes of some Apex Legends’ heroes.

Players are reporting that the hitbox for Pathfinder, in particular, seems to be much larger than it visually appears to be. While initially it was thought this was just an issue in the tutorial mode, it’s now thought the issue may extend beyond it.

In the video below, Youtuber SookieSpy (cheers, PC Gamer), gives a brief overview of the issue. While the hitboxes seem mostly “super clean” – such as with Bloodhound here – with Pathfinder, you can shoot what should be space between the robot’s legs or in front of its feet and, somehow, that counts as a hit. Take a look:

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