Fortnite season eight ditching planes in favour of bananas and snakes

February 25, 2019
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If you had a particularly lazy weekend, you may have slept on Saturday’s Fortnite AMA: a thread by Epic which sought to answer the community’s questions about the game’s future. Highlights include hints about season eight items, along with some interesting mechanics Epic is considering for future seasons. Oh, and some frankly devastating news about everyone’s favourite vehicle.

First up: bananas! That’s the one word Epic has told players to keep in mind for season eight. Thanks to a teaser image released on Sunday, we know Fortnite is adopting a pirate theme, so bananas definitely seem appropriate. Will they replace apples as a healing item? Or maybe allow players to trip each other up? I’m looking forward to watching Epic’s plans come to fruition.

Something I’m less happy about is the removal of planes, a change which is due to occur “at the start of season eight”. This means you only have until the 27th February to perform any remaining aerial acrobatics on your bucket list. Again, if the new theme is pirates, my money’s on these being replaced by boats.

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