Red Dead Online update falls short of fixing griefing and economy woes

March 1, 2019
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The Red Dead Online beta is still trundling on, and with it the continued complaints about griefing, the in-game economy, microtransactions and lack of content. This week the game received a major update – and despite specifically seeking to address “destructive player behaviour”, the update has received criticism for failing to fully address griefing problems, and for actually encouraging aggressive play.

Oh, and all those other issues are still lingering too.

On the griefing front, Rockstar has managed to make some positive changes, including tweaks to the parley system. Previously you had to be killed several times before being given the option to parley or feud: now players have the option to parley after one death, meaning you can instantly opt not to be damaged by the posse (or damage them) for 10 minutes.

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