Five years later, Destiny fans finally reckon they know who the Nine are

March 7, 2019
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Every week since Destiny 1 launched in 2015, players have been able to visit the mysterious tentacle-faced merchant Xûr, agent of the Nine. So popular was he, that whenever his stock refreshed players would drop everything to rush and see what he had brought (and games websites, blogs and YouTubers rushed to be the first to tell you about it).

For as long as people have visited Xûr, agent of the Nine, people have been wondered about his paymasters. Who or what were the Nine? Were they friend or foe? Why were there nine of them? In the many years since, Destiny has answered other questions left hanging by its labyrinthine lore, but kept this group firmly in the shadows.

And so it’s fitting, perhaps, players have finally been giving information on the Nine now with the launch of Destiny 2’s shadowy-feeling Season of the Drifter. Fair warning, while the season launched yesterday, many of its various lore tabs are not officially unlocked in the game – fans have been piecing together what they’ve found in the game’s files, and sharing their discoveries on r/destiny.

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