The Division 2 delivers impressive tech and good performance on all systems

March 16, 2019
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After an extensive beta test, The Division 2 has finally launched. All versions are available for testing and the overall impression is that, similar to its first title, Ubisoft Massive has handed in a successful multi-platform project – accomplished all on all consoles, with PC once again delivering a huge suite of options.

It’s been three years since the original launch of The Division; technology has evolved with the sequel, and Massive still delivers a pleasantly clean and crisp look to the game, with Xbox One X operating at native 4K – 3840×2160 – a significant achievement for this advanced engine. Dynamic resolution scaling is a feature of the Snowdrop engine and was deployed in the first game, but despite a number of sample tests, everything we looked at here presents at a full ultra HD pixel count. Perhaps it kicks in during heavier scenes we’ve not witnessed yet, but so far, everything effectively points to a native 4K release.

As you might expect, PlayStation 4 Pro doesn’t quite match the X, with the developer deploying both DRS and temporal anti-aliasing in delivering its 4K output mode. Our sample range witnessed 3456×1944 at the top-end, dropping to a recorded minimum of 2458×1382. A reconstruction technique appears to blend in visual data from previous frames, so with static scenes in particular, Pro looks remarkably similar to its X counterpart.

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