This dataminer reckons they know what’s coming up in The Division 2’s all-new raid

March 17, 2019
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A dataminer believes they’ve uncovered what’s coming up in The Division 2’s first eight-man raid, Operation Dark Hours.

In a post on reddit (thanks, PCGN), kevindavid40 believes they have “managed to decrypt the game asset file” and lists, in astonishing detail, what they believe the raid will include. While we often see nefarious attempts to convince players of false “leaks”, kevindavid40’s claims are interesting given the astonishing detail they provide.

“Morning Agents!” kevindavid40 said. “I managed to decrypt the game asset file, and got more interesting info on the upcoming Raid. I’m just going to say it looks true hardcore end-game activity based on the size of the map, and the objectives involved in this Raid.”

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