The five best things we played at PAX East

April 3, 2019
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Last week, Aoife and I flew out to PAX East (which is run by Eurogamer’s parent company ReedPOP) to sample some lobster and play some video games, although not necessarily in that order (they were interspersed). Since this is Eurogamer and not Eurocrustacean, here are the five best games we played at PAX East and not the five best times we ate lobster in Boston.


Rad is a new project from Double Fine that’s all about being a teenager with a baseball bat in the post-post apocalypse. With humanity having suffered not one but two cataclysmic events, you might think it’s going to be a fairly drab affair, but it’s actually one of the most hopeful versions of humanity living on the brink I think I’ve ever seen. Whereas we’re used to seeing humans warring against each other in a grim, rusting hellscape, Rad takes place in a world where humanity has rather sensibly united in order to fend off the greater threat of, well, everything else. Admittedly the world you venture into is kind of drab at first glance, but that’s only because you haven’t explored it yet – wherever you walk in Rad, plants bloom in your wake like you’re some kind of chlorophyllic messiah. As well as helping you keep track of where you’ve already been, it paints the world in cheerful tones and really makes you feel like you’re doing some good.

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