Fab tabletop-RPG roguelike For The King gets a May release date on consoles

April 4, 2019
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Developer IronOak Games’ delightful tabletop-RPG-meets-digital-board-game For The King is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Switch this May.

For the King initially launched on PC last April, following an extended early access development period, and has been expanded with numerous free DLC updates since then. It’s received new nautical-themed escapades, adventures in icebound regions, a special “uncooperative mode”, and more – all of which will be included in the console versions of For the King, alongside the very enjoyable base game.

If it’s specific diary dates you’re after, For the King comes to PS4 on May 7th, Switch on May 9th, and Xbox One on May 10th. Publisher Curve Digital hasn’t revealed a price for the console versions just yet, but it promises a 20% discount at launch.

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