Swindle dev’s Ben and Dan Adventures will continue in new game Lair of the Clockwork God

April 4, 2019
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The Ben and Dan Adventures will continue this summer, on PC and consoles, in a brand new game called Lair of the Clockwork God.

Ben and Dan Adventures refers to a series of games made by Size Five Games, which you might know better for The Swindle, a 2015 against-the-clock, side-on, stealthy actiony game about nicking dosh from safes. Christian Donlan reviewed The Swindle and really liked it.

But before The Swindle, there was Time Gentleman, Please!, and before that, Ben There, Dan That!, and these are the Ben and Dan Adventures – Ben and Dan being the two characters who jovially squabble their way through the games. And they return in Clockwork God.

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