Warframe’s expansive Plains of Eidolon “remaster” out now on PC, on consoles soon

April 5, 2019
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Digital Extremes has just released a major overhaul of Warframe’s gorgeous, but sometimes problematic, Plains of Eidolon area, further beautifying its already stunning vistas, adding new enemies and activities, plus a whole lot more.

Plains of Eidolon – Warframe’s first foray into open-world design – initially released in PC in 2017, and was incredibly well-received. It wasn’t perfect however, sometimes feeling a little too empty for its own good and featuring an economy that was heavy on the grind. Digital Extremes’ Plains of Eidolon remaster should go some way to addressing both complaints.

There are, for instance, a wide range of visual improvements designed to enhance and add variety to the existing map, including updated terrain textures, dynamic lighting (including a more nuanced day-night cycle), and “richly detailed” trees and foliage. All of which should run more smoothly, says Digital Extremes, thanks to some under-the-hood technical tweaks.

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