Yakuza spin-off Judgment reveals new-look for crime boss Kyohei Hamura

April 16, 2019
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Sega has unveiled Yakuza spin-off Judgment’s newly revised character model for crime boss Kyohei Hamura, which was overhauled following the arrest of actor Pierre Taki on charges of cocaine use and possession last month.

Japan’s drug laws are strict, and there’s enormous social stigma around those that break them. As such, Taki’s arrest quickly spurred Sega into withdrawing all copies of Judgment from sale, and other companies followed suit. Square Enix said it would patch Taki’s lines out of Kingdom Hearts 3 (he voices Frozen’s Olaf), and Disney even pulled its Frozen Blu-ray from shelves.

Following its decision to suspend sales of Judgment, Sega released a statement explaining that “due to unforeseen circumstances”, the character model and Japanese voice for the character of Kyohei Hamura would be “adjusted” prior to the game’s Western release.

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