World War Z review – a schlocky, slim Left 4 Dead-a-like

April 26, 2019
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Let me come clean first: I’ve never read World War Z the book, or watched World War Z the film. Mainly because I feel that in that genre everything you could possibly say has been said, from thinly veiled social criticism at government ineptitude or anti-vaccine movements to variations of the message included in each piece of disaster media – we won’t be prepared for the apocalypse.

As someone who regularly plays games for a living I will naturally be completely prepared, given that the streets are absolutely strewn with ready to use medkits and different calibre weaponry. All I have to do is apply my skills to a thoroughly familiar concept. Incidentally, this is exactly what World War Z wants you to do. It cuts out all the narrative finger wagging and simply unleashes you at hundreds and hundreds of zombies.

In each of the four different locations you lead a group of survivors to safety, though judging by their skill at handling themselves in a zombie pandemic they would probably be fine if just left where they are. The 11 missions in the campaign feature roughly the same gameplay. Generally there will always be an opportunity to take down a giant tower of zombies climbing up a wall or a wave of zombies that eventually comes up against and spills over a rickety fence, or even the polite zombie queue that waits to have their go at you in narrow hallways.

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