Speedrunning Sekiro

April 29, 2019
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In many ways, FromSoftware games are inextricably intertwined with speedrunning and challenge runs. Perhaps it’s the fact they’re designed to be difficult that makes series veterans long for an even greater challenge, or maybe players create almost insurmountable obstacles purely for the sake of their viewers’ entertainment. Either way, Dark Souls and Bloodborne have retained their relevance for years post-release thanks to these self-sacrificing runners. It’s no wonder, then, the speedrunning scene in Sekiro is already shaping up nicely.

Souls veteran LobosJR has been running FromSoftware games for years, even having completed runs without healing or levelling up. Although he’s a talented speedrunner, he’s perhaps best known for his challenge runs, during which he outlines a strict list of rules he must abide by. One of the most iconic examples of this was when he completed Dark Souls using only his character’s fists.

“What I love about From’s games are their core combat mechanics, and Sekiro has taken these to the next level,” Lobos explains. “By basing the combat on ‘deflecting’, the equivalent of parrying in Souls, fighting has evolved to fast-paced back and forth with an enemy… mastering the combat is trickier than ever, and trying to learn enemy AI is more intriguing.”

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