PlayStation Plus’ games for May are What Remains of Edith Finch, Overcooked

May 1, 2019
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Sony has revealed the game it’ll be tossing into the laps of PlayStation Plus subscribers this month – and while they’re arguably lower-key offerings compared to recent efforts, they’re still good ‘uns.

First up is Giant Sparrow’s masterful narrative adventure What Remains of Edith Finch. It’s a game very much in the walking simulator mould (so your mileage may vary), but it’s an absolutely breathtaking example of the genre, with each of its story vignettes incorporating new visual styles, moods, and gameplay mechanics, to create an experience that continues to surprise and delight across its several-hours run-time.

Each of those vignettes focusses on one specific member of the Finch family, all seemingly cursed to die at before their time. And as you pick through the Finch’s gloriously realised homestead, with its cluttered corridors, secret passageways, and preposterous architecture, the truth behind their sometimes sad, sometimes funny, sometimes horrifying tales is revealed.

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