Ghost Recon Breakpoint brings more survival and neck-stabbing to the Wildlands formula

May 9, 2019
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Following the leak earlier today, Ubisoft has officially revealed Ghost Recon Breakpoint, the forthcoming follow-up to 2017’s massively popular, somewhat generic open world shooter Wildlands.

I played Wildlands for a short while back when it launched in 2017, and it was fine – a step away from the tactical action I loved in the older Ghost Recon games, sure, but a perfectly enjoyable romp if played with friends, if entirely forgettable. It turns out I had forgotten most of it, too – the protagonist of the single-player campaign, Nomad, is back, though in truth I had no recollection of him, with his gruff beard and steely eyes, last time around. Maybe it’s because he’s wearing his cap back-to-front now.

This time out, the action’s moved on from Bolivia to the island of Auroa, a fictional backdrop set in the Pacific seas that promises diverse biodomes, from wintry peaks to humid jungles. In an interview after a pre-brief for Breakpoint, I asked whether the weather would play a part in the systems of Breakpoint, only to be told that’s not something the team is currently talking about.

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