Ubisoft creative director appears to confirm new Splinter Cell in random tweet

May 14, 2019
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It barely seems like a few days ago that Eurogamer was bemoaning Ubisoft’s continued reluctance to properly resurrect its much loved Splinter Cell series. And now, in an entirely unexpected turn events, Ubisoft creative director Julian Gerighty appears to have rather cavalierly announced that a new series entry is indeed in the works – although Ubisoft itself is claiming it’s all jokes.

The whole situation is, all told, a bit of an odd one; apparent confirmation of a new Splinter Cell game came via an very-not-official random tweet from Gerighty highlighting a night out with some Ubisoft buddies. “Working on the next #SplinterCell with @danhaynow and @romcamor in #Lyon,” he wrote, “can’t wait for #E3”.

If anyone would be well placed to know Ubisoft’s secrets, of course, it would be one of the studio’s own creative directors. But then, you’d generally expect them not to blurt out the existence of a previously unannounced (if much teased) new title in a random tweet.

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