Dead Cells’ big free Rise of the Giant DLC update is heading to Switch next week

May 17, 2019
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Dead Cells fans impatiently awaiting the arrival of the game’s massive free Rise of the Giant DLC on Switch, following its PC release in March, may now unclench: developer Motion Twin has confirmed via a post to the console’s News channel, that it’s coming next week, on 23rd May.

Rise of the Giant, for those that haven’t been staying abreast of Dead Cells developments, is a bit of a whopper, expanding on the dungeon-crawling rogue-like’s unflappably excellent core in a multitude of ways. Fire up the game after the free update and you’ll be treated to two new areas and bosses, ten new enemies, three new skills (including a flying pet), ten new weapons (such as the Giant Killer and Boï Axe), and a new Skinning system.

The latter enables players to spruce up the game’s flame-headed protagonist with a choice of 50 outfits, unlocked by acquiring blueprints from fallen foes and elsewhere.

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