Warframe’s big Gas City remaster update is out next week on PC, consoles “soon”

May 17, 2019
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Warframe’s big The Jovian Concord update, which introduces a full revamp of the game’s ageing Gas City area, will release next week on PC, and developer Digital Extremes has shared more details ahead of its arrival.

The Jovian Concord’s headline addition is, of course, that stunning Gas City redesign – which introduces massive visual and audio improvements, and dramatically increased diversity to the tile set used to procedurally assemble Jupiter’s Gas City levels. Digital Extremes says these new elements have been specifically created with Warframe’s modern parkour movement in mind.

When the doors open on Warframe’s new-look Jovian Concord next week, Tenno brave enough to venture within will also encounter a number of new adversaries. There are nightmarish Corpus and Sentient hybrids known as Amalgams, and a giant winged boss called the Ropalolyst, unlocked by completing the Chimera Prologue mission.

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