TABS and the allure of a chemistry set

May 22, 2019
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Something brilliant happened in TABS the other day. TABS stands for Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, and it’s a complete joy. You hover above a landscape, whack down a bunch of units, and then watch as your units smash into the enemy’s units. Hilarity, as they say, ensues.

I was on the city-ish map. Streets and buildings, a Greek vibe, domes and sunbleached plaster. I had decided to splurge on a bunch of very cheap melee units and one bigger, more expensive melee unit to bring up the rear. I think it was a knight. The knight has a sword and shield, and as I sat back and watched the chaos unfold, I realised something was missing. Where was my sword-and-shield guy? Where was the guy I’d spent all my money on?

This picture tells the story:

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