Blood and Truth PSVR Review

May 29, 2019
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I think it was the third time I shouted “This is so f*****g” cool!” during one of Blood & Truth’s many enthralling glide-and-gun sequences that I realized just how much I had wanted an experience like it for the PlayStation VR. Taking the tense, engaging shooting galleries of an arcade light gun game and marrying it with a cliched but well-acted spy story, Blood & Truth overcomes a couple of technical limitations to deliver one of the best PSVR games to date.

As a former soldier whose family is embroiled in an underworld crime war, Blood & Truth’s protagonist battles through a collection of shooting galleries and interactive cutscenes with a welcome amount of depth. Yes, you can break the immersion by tossing around loose clipboards and inappropriately flipping the bird at characters (a button on either the Move controllers or your DualShock 4 is dedicated solely to different, silly hand gestures), but the supporting cast is full of enough enjoyable performances – including Steven Hartley’s hammy Tony Sharp and Colin Salmon as the stoic Carson – that I was willing to play the part. SIE London Studio built on its work with the impressive PSVR launch game London Heist (the highlight of the PlayStation VR Worlds package) to give life to every acted role with nuanced facial animation. The distinct glee of a certain villain or the slowly dawning sadness in a companion frequently struck a chord with me.

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