BioWare finally unveils Anthem’s much-touted eight-week Cataclysm event

May 30, 2019
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Despite being loudly trumpeted as the cornerstone of BioWare’s post-launch content plans for Anthem, the long-awaited Cataclysm update has, to date, largely remained a mystery. With tonight’s Cataclysm livestream over, however, a whole lot more is now known.

According to BioWare, Cataclysm will run for a total of eight weeks when it finally arrives after a bout of public testing. The first two weeks will take the form of a “pre-event”, designed to set up the narrative for Cataclysm proper. This will take the form of three new missions, each featuring their own “high quality cinematic scenes” and a range of Vanity item rewards.

For those that don’t mind very light spoilers, however, the gist is that a new faction, lead by someone called Vara, manages to trigger the Cataclysm in an act of desperation. As you might imagine, it’s up to the Freelancers to find out what caused it and how it can be resolved.

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