Capcom shows off more new features from Monster Hunter World’s Iceborne expansion

June 4, 2019
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Monster Hunter World’s major expansion, Iceborne, is heading to Xbox One, PS4, and PC later this year. And in the run-up to release (and a more thorough unveiling at E3 next week), Capcom has unleashed a host of new videos, showcasing more of Iceborne’s new features.

First in the tottering pile is a brand-new story trailer, mixing ample cutscene jabbering with some welcome moments of new gameplay. Despite being almost four minutes long, it’s not the most revelatory of videos, but there are a couple of notable inclusions – such as a first look at the updated Tigrex, a classic series monster set to make its World debut in Iceborne. Nice and all, but WHERE ARE THE LAGOMBI, CAPCOM??

Next up is a brisk look at one of Iceborne’s major new features: the Clutch Claw, used to grabble onto monsters in one fluid motion – no launching off high ledges required.

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