Hands-on with Wattson, the newest Apex Legend

June 9, 2019
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Well, looks like that leak from several months ago was correct once again. The 10th Apex Legend is set to be Wattson – a lady with a French accent, good grades and a serious obsession with electric fences. We got a brief look at her earlier during the EA Play livestream reveal, and she’s due to arrive as part of season two kicking off on 2nd July – but after some queuing in the LA sun today I was able to take Wattson for a trial spin myself. Despite my time with her being brief, I’m already a fan.

As a recap, Wattson is a defensive support character who specialises in electrical equipment. She’s got a particularly colourful backstory, as her father is the inventor of the Apex arena, and she actually helped build the fence holding everyone in. All in all, she’s probably someone you’d want on your side in a battle to the death that she… er, helped construct.

In terms of abilities, Wattson’s key mechanic is her tactical – called perimeter security – that allows her to place a generous 12 nodes to section off areas of the map with an electrical wall only your teammates can pass through. Enemies who walk through not only take a knock to their health, but their peripheral vision distorts upon entry, they get slowed down and your entire squad is alerted to their location. I did find that placing nodes around objects meant the ability could sometimes snap off before I was quite done, so you’ll have to think carefully about where to plop the fences down.

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