Wolfenstein: Youngblood: “When it comes to level design, Arkane has shown us the way”

June 11, 2019
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It’s fitting that a game about cooperation is itself the result of two studios collaborating. MachineGames have brought in the lauded Arkane Studios to assist on this new entry in the Wolfenstein series and their fingerprints are all over it. For better and for worse.

I got to play through the first two levels of Youngblood and there’s a lot to take in with just that initial hour or two. It centres not on brooding BJ but his daughters, out on a mission to Paris to find him after he goes missing. I had some fears that the shifts in design would lead to the story, the previous two games’ main strength, taking a back seat but senior game designer Andreas Öjerfors assures me otherwise. “I think there’s quite a lot of story content, but it’s probably told in a slightly different fashion,” he explains. “Because we want to give more room for two players to interact and tell their own story.”

Andreas is referring to the game’s shift to a hub-based world where players can launch missions though the game’s “metro system”, primary and secondary, from the resistance HQ in the catacombs of Paris, to various different districts which can also be visited outside missions too.

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