After an hour playing it, Control seems extraordinary

June 13, 2019
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I think maybe the number one rule about anything made by David Lynch is that you should never write about anything made by David Lynch. I’m going to break that rule – just quickly I promise – to say there was a moment that felt straight out of the Lynchian playbook in the Control demo I played at E3, and it was wonderful.

Dropped into things a few hours into the game, one of the first tasks I had in my slice of Control was to find a janitor. I tracked him down and found him in a little back room (there is a wonderful simplicity to tracking things down in Control – in fact it’s much of what the game is – but more on that in a moment).

To get here I fought through people and monsters, red reality-distorting fields of light in a windowless, brutalist government building, ripping up walls and floors and office desk chairs as I went. Chaos, by way of Ikea. And after that I opened a door and he just stood there. A janitor, with a mop and a bucket.

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