The E3 Bulletin – Thursday

June 13, 2019
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The sun has risen on the final day of E3, ready for all the exhibitors to nip round everybody else’s booth quick before getting an early flight and “working from home” on Friday. We’re all out of announcements now so the focus has moved to scandals, which this year are Sword and Shield not having every Pokemon in it – the not-unreasonable justfication being “we can’t support every Pokemon indefinitely”, which is being received as well as you might expect – and trans representation in Cyberpunk 2077. Yes, again.

There is some clear thinking behind the decision this time, so it can be claimed as juxtaposition of content and contemporary issue rather than accidental optimisation for the things that people always get cross about, although the inclusion remains controversial and the Discourse will continue until society improves. Unfortunately we have also received the first report that the shooting in Cyberpunk isn’t all that great and you can’t make out with Keanu Reeves, so that’s it, it’s all over, shut it all down.

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