Judgment Review

June 20, 2019
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When it was revealed that Judgment – a spin-off from the 13-year-old Yakuza series – was going to cast the main character as a private investigator based in Tokyo’s red-light district, I had wondered if it would break with Yakuza tradition and focus more on actual detective work; an LA Noire to Yakuza’s GTA, if you will. As it turns out, Judgment is not that game; its sprinkling of detective-oriented gameplay mechanics are mostly superficial and fairly repetitive, rarely requiring much in the way of observation or deduction. The good news is that Judgment succeeds in more traditional ways, with its free-flowing combat, entertaining diversions, and an absorbing serial killer-hunting plot that all combine to make for a better Yakuza game than 2018’s Yakuza 6.

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