Apex Legends’ Season 2 provides an almost perfect refresh

July 5, 2019
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I’ve never cowered behind a dinosaur leg before.

I’m not convinced that’s what these gigantic, groaning beasts are designed for, but – as is often the case when it comes to battle royales – I’ll take what I can get. The buildings I knew so well here are gone, trampled by this beast and its clumsy footwork. Whereas I’d usually duck immediately behind, or into, a building for cover, much of Cascade’s been flattened, so I’m forced to use the gargantuan leg of a nearby Leviathan for cover instead. It doesn’t end well for me – that’s also often the case – but at least my untimely death was at the hands of a warring Legend and not the feet of an angry dinosaur.

I’m not sure what I was expecting from Apex Legends’ Season 2, but the arrival of these groaning beasts and their flying kin – called Flyers, somewhat unimaginatively – wasn’t it. They’ve stood at the periphery of Apex Legends since the game dropped earlier this year, only back then they were little more than curious background animations chiefly only noticeable when you leapt from the plane, your puffs of neon dust streaming behind you. Fast forward six months, however, and these behemoths are now staggering across King’s Canyon and devastating the landscape in their wake.

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