Fortnite now has air-strikes-in-a-can

July 9, 2019
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Fortnite, which you may have heard of, is at it again, this time adding a sort of air-strike-in-a-can as part of its latest content update.

The new item, known simply (and rather unglamorously) as Air Strike, is a throwable canister that emits a plume of coloured smoke, summoning a downward plop (or “flurry”, as Epic more elegantly puts it) of missiles from above. Mayhem and death ensue, as demonstrated in the accompanying cinematic below.

If it’s facts you want with your preposterous Battle Royale action, however, then Epic has those too. It says that missiles spawn around 120 metres above a canister’s final resting place after a short delay. 20 missiles will rain down in total, aiming for a random point within 9 metres of the canister, and will do 75 points of damage to players and 200 points of damage to structures caught in the 3.5 metre blast radius.

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