Grid feels a lot like the original – for better and for worse

July 10, 2019
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Has it really been eleven whole years since Codemasters’ Race Driver: Grid? Well, I’ve just checked Wikipedia and I can confirm that yes, it very much has – and, oh my, so very, very much has happened since then.

First there’s the pivot at Codemasters away from that type of all-ages action towards more sim-minded games like Dirt Rally and the latter F1 games, and then the small matter of the dissolution of the arcade racer. It’s not that they don’t really make them like they used to – this generation, at least, they don’t really make them at all.

Indeed, you have to look elsewhere in the midlands for that kind of accessible racing. A few miles down the road from the Southam campus where the new Grid is being made, a number of Codemasters staff set up Playground Games and went on to mark that territory as their own with the brilliant Forza Horizon series. It’s interesting, then, that the Grid reboot is being headed up by Forza Horizon 4’s chief designer Chris Smith.

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