Here’s a bunch of PS4 shortcuts you may have missed

July 12, 2019
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It’s been six years since the PS4 first launched, and as we near the end of this console generation, people are… well, just about learning how to use it. After one PS4 shortcut earned itself nearly 30k upvotes on Reddit, other PS4 owners have been sharing dozens of tips on how to better navigate the console’s UI – and quite frankly, I had no idea most of these existed, and now I’m feeling pretty dumb. I guess nobody reads the console manual or update notes.

In any case, I tested several of these shortcuts and tips, so consider this article both a public service announcement, and guide, to the console you thought you knew so well.

First up, we have the post that started it all: a tip from u/RockyB95 on how to view hidden Trophies. Turns out that selecting a hidden Trophy and pressing square will result in the PS4 telling you what the Trophy actually is – and according to the official PlayStation UK Twitter account, this has been a feature since system update 4.0 in 2016. Some of the hidden Trophy descriptions contain spoilers, however – so use with caution.

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