Best Xbox One games: 15 best games for Xbox One you can play right now

July 25, 2019
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Editors Note: Eurogamer is relaunching its series of ‘best games’ features, and today we’re looking at the Xbox One. You’ll continue to see more platform lists appearing on the home page in the coming weeks – we’ve covered the best PS4 games and best Switch games so far – with the aim to update them several times a year as new releases supplant a given system’s existing library.

Microsoft might have lost its place at the very top of the console market this generation, but it’s provided one of the most incredible comeback stories these past few years. After a famously shaky start, the Xbox One has been transformed into a formidable ecosystem – thanks to a philosophical shift, and in Xbox One X an incredible piece of hardware. The X can safely boast of being the most powerful console available, making it the platform of choice for multiplatform games, but it’s thanks to initiatives like Game Pass as well as original exclusives such as Sea of Thieves that makes Xbox One arguably one of the best places to play games right now. Here’s our personal pick for 15 of the best out there for Microsoft’s console right now.

The thing about Sunset Overdrive was that, even before it landed, it seemed exciting. This hardware generation got off to a bit of a bad start. It was all about mega games, games as services, and yet Sunset Overdrive, with its dumb jokes, its bright colours, its explosions that spelled out the word “BOOM” in fireballs seemed like the best of the PS2 era, a knockabout action game that was emphatically not for everyone.

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